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Aidan Gilmore

Owner of Gilmore Speaks

Purpose: At the beginning of my public speaking journey, I could never have imagined the value I could bring by focusing on others and giving students across the country confidence in their voice through teaching the art of public speaking.

I've discovered that each person communicates differently in their day-to-day interactions and on stage. With each student, there comes a specific set of skills that can be captivated and strengthened. Every speaker may have their unique fears or defensiveness when it comes to public speaking. I firmly believe that no speaker can be coached the same way, as each individual brings their own personality to their style of speaking.

Three years ago, I made the decision to focus on elementary school students in my teaching. I learned that public speaking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders can create a social and active group of students who enjoy communicating. During these classes, I realized that every person should be given the opportunity to share their viewpoint and effortlessly deliver a message to those around them. My classes and workshops offer these groups of people, regardless of their age, the ability to stand up and share a message that inspires, educates, or informs.

As my journey as a public speaking teacher progressed, I couldn't help but recognize the broader impact effective communication could have beyond the classroom. The transformation I witnessed in my students, where they gained confidence in their voice and the ability to convey their thoughts, made me realize that these skills were equally valuable in the corporate world.

Driven by this newfound passion, I embarked on a new chapter and founded "Gilmore Speaks." With a vision to extend the benefits of public speaking to corporate clients, our company focuses on tailoring programs that cater to the unique needs of organizations aiming to elevate their teams' communication prowess.

At Gilmore Speaks, we firmly believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any professional environment. By harnessing our expertise in public speaking training and combining it with the insights gained from teaching young students, we've developed an interactive and supportive approach that ensures maximum engagement and growth for our corporate clients.

Would you like to discuss public speaking in your community? I'd be happy to take the time to listen.

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