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Building Confidence through Public Speaking

Our Speaking Training

We offer a variety of classes that will take your public speaking skills to the next level. From introduction to public speaking, to tailored public speaking classes, our team is dedicated to finding a program that meets your needs. 

Our seminars provide your community, group, or team with the opportunity to learn essential presentation skills through a 1 to 2-hour course. These sessions incorporate verbal and nonverbal communication techniques that will aid your organization, company, or group in succeeding in both conversations and presentations.

Whether you are presenting online or in-person, our tutoring sessions will give you the tools and confidence to maximize your potential through one on one tutoring with a professional speaking coach.



Katie (Student)

"Mr. Gilmore’s public speaking class has changed my life. He helped me overcome my biggest fear, public speaking, while still creating an energetic and amazingly fun learning environment."

Kevin (Student)

"Mr. Gilmore is an all-around fantastic instructor, combining an informal teaching style with specific feedback for each student. When it comes to presentation skills, Mr. Gilmore is an expert, and he gives helpful commentary to beginning speakers and experienced speakers alike. For anyone interested in developing themselves as a speaker, Mr. Gilmore is the instructor learn from."

Kate (Parent)

"For the last few months, the kids have been looking forward to every class on Wednesday evening. They learned a lot from Aidan and every one of them wanted to continue to the next level after the summer. Aidan not only kept them engaged and having fun during the class, but also motivated them to keep their reading and complete other assignments weekly."

About Aidan Gilmore

My Journey

I am a seasoned public speaking coach specializing in growing students confidence through interactive techniques while making public speaking an empowering experience. 


I was 10 years old when I completed my first public speaking class. I became fascinated that basic communication was the biggest fear in our country. Once I started competing on a national level, I was a finalist at regional and national tournaments including advancing to the Team Policy Debate final round two years in a row at the National Invitation Tournament of Champions. During this time, I competed in every style of speech and debate, while learning to love the process of building and perfecting speeches for competition. 


Since high school, my passion for public speaking and coaching has led me to dedicate the past 9 years of my life to empowering individuals of all ages in mastering the art of effective communication. As a public speaking coach, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, from kindergartners taking their first steps into public speaking to seasoned professionals looking to enhance their communication prowess.


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